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Fixed Wing Operation Training (<7kg or <25kg) includes theory covering the relevant components, batteries, maintenance and operations. You will also be required to complete the operational flight training. Assessments will be required for both theory and operation components.

If you have no previous flight experience or drone, we can provide additional training and a suitable aircraft (under 7kg or under 25kg). You will need to have completed 5 hours of flight logged by the end of your operational training.

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Manned Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers

If you hold a RPL, PPL, CPL or ATPL license or are an Air Traffic Controller, and wish to apply for your Remote Pilot Licence, you will require Operational  Training delivered by our CASA approved RePL training program, and proof of 5 hours logged flying time for your chosen aircraft type.  You will need to submit our certificate and all logbooks reflecting 5 hours flight with Form 101-01 direct to CASA and pay the CASA fee of $160 for initial licence issue.

Existing Remote Pilot Licence Holders

If you hold a Remote Pilot Licence for a RPA and want to add Fixed Wing to your certification, we are able to provide the Operation Training you require to vary your existing licence.  We submit your application to CASA directly and we cover the variation fee.


The Fixed Wing Operation Training Assessment fee excludes the lodgement fee to CASA (Form 101-01) if you hold a manned pilot licence. Once your Remote Pilot Licence has been issued, there are no ongoing costs, as your licence is perpetual.  Note: If you vary your existing Remote Pilot Licence (for a different weight or type), we cover the additional CASA fee to re-issue the license as we have to submit direct to CASA.

We accept Bank Transfer, PayPal, Visa, Master Card and AMEX without any surcharge. 


Manned Pilot Conversion and Operations Training

  CASA sub 25kg Remote Pilot Licence (RePL)
Multi RotorAeroplaneHelicopter
Prior Flight
Restricted - Brisbane
Drone Weight Class<7kg<25kg<7kg<25kg<7kg<25kg
From Beginner to Experienced PilotOnline plus half dayFrom $895From $1395Book HereBook HereBook HereBook Here
Advanced Training
Experienced Pilots
Practical Night Flying and Close Proximity CertificationFrom $495XXXXX

Additional Information

101.290 Application for Remote Pilot Licence
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(1A)  An individual may apply to CASA, in writing, for a licence (a remote pilot licence) to operate an RPA.

Note:          For the kinds of RPA to which this Subpart applies, see regulation 101.235.

             (1)  An application for a remote pilot licence must include the following information:

                     (a)  details of any flight crew licence, air traffic control licence or flight service licence that the applicant holds (including details of ratings, endorsements and qualifications);

                    (aa)  details of any military qualification the applicant holds that is equivalent to a licence mentioned in paragraph (a);

                     (b)  details of any aeronautical experience that the applicant has;

                     (c)  details of any of the following examinations the applicant has passed (other than any examination passed in the course of gaining a licence mentioned in paragraph (a)):

                              (i)  an aeronautical examination (within the meaning of Part 61);

                             (ii)  an aviation licence theory examination before 1 September 2014 that is taken to be an equivalent requirement for the grant of a flight crew licence under regulation 202.274;

                     (d)  if the applicant does not hold a licence mentioned in paragraph (a), details of any aeronautical radio operator certificate that the applicant holds;

                     (e)  details of the applicant’s experience in operating RPA;

                      (f)  evidence of the completion of any training course in RPA operation that the applicant has undertaken.

101.295 Eligibility for remote pilot licence


(2)  Subject to regulation 11.055, CASA must grant a remote pilot licence to the applicant if he or she:

                     (a)  has passed:

                              (i)  an aeronautical knowledge examination (within the meaning of Part 61) for a flight crew licence under Part 61; or

                             (ii)  an aviation licence theory examination before 1 September 2014 that is taken to be an equivalent requirement for the grant of a flight crew licence under regulation 202.274; or

                            (iii)  the theory component of an RPL training course; or

                            (iv)  the theory component of a course conducted in a foreign country which CASA is satisfied is equivalent to the theory component of an RPL training course; and

                     (b)  has completed:

                              (i)  an RPL training course in the manual or automated operation of a category of RPA that he or she proposes to operate; or

                             (ii)  before 1 June 2017, a training course in the operation of a category of RPA that he or she proposes to operate, conducted by the RPA’s manufacturer or an agent of the manufacturer; or

                            (iii)  a flight test conducted by CASA for the purposes of this subparagraph; and

                     (c)  has at least 5 hours experience in operating an RPA under standard RPA operating conditions.

Note:          Under regulation 201.004, an application may be made to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for review of:

(a)    a decision refusing to grant, or cancelling, suspending or varying, a licence; or

(b)    a decision imposing a condition on a licence.

                   See also section 31 of the Act.

             (3)  A person who holds or has held:

                     (a)  a flight crew licence; or

                     (b)  a military qualification equivalent to a flight crew licence; or

                     (c)  an air traffic control licence, or a military qualification equivalent to an air traffic control licence;

is taken to satisfy the condition in paragraph (2)(a).