CASA Drone Licence Training

Wicked Copters is a leading CASA Certified RePL Drone  Licence Training Provider (ReOC.CASA.0152) and delivers a wide range of drone training courses nationally.

RePL Drone Training (Remote Pilot Licence)

In order to operate any Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) or drone over 2kg commercially, you must hold a CASA issued Remote Pilot Licence. If you wish to operate commercially under the 2kg excluded category, the RePL will allow you to obtain public liability insurance for your operations.

We provide online and classroom options nationwide, for multirotor, aeroplane and helicopter type aircraft up to 25kg.

Operation Training (Conversion)

If you hold a Manned Aircraft Pilots Licence (RPL. PPL, CPL or ATPL), or an Air Traffic Controller Certificate, you are only required to complete Operation Training in order to obtain your Remote Pilot Licence (RePL).

In addition, if you already hold a Remote Pilot Licence for a specific type and weight class of RPA, you can add additional RPA types and weight class to your existing licence by doing the relevant Operation Training.

We offer Operation Training for multirotors, fixed wing and helicopter type aircraft up to 25kg.

Aerial Photography Course

Now that you are licensed, and can fly your RPA of choice – do you know how to operate your camera and complete post production of your footage?

If not, our professional photographers, videographers and editors have created a course suited for RPA Aerial photographers.

RPA Operator Certificate Documentation Assistance

In order to operate commercially under 7kg or 25kg weight class, you must work under a RPA Operator Certificate (ReOC). As the ReOC is a document intensive and assessment process (rather than study based), we offer ReOC assistance and discounted business bundles to help you prepare and complete your ReOC.

Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate (AROC)

CASA requires all pilots (and ground crew) who need to communicate via an Air Radio to hold a suitable radio certificate.

Under CASR 101.285, you must hold a AROC to operate in controlled airspace or when CASA specifies the need to communicate with Aircraft.

Mapping and Surveying

If you are working in the mapping and surveying industry, we can show you how to optimise your aerial workflow. We are able to provide instruction on multiple aircraft platforms and computer software packages to obtain the most accurate result.